2017: Great Year for County GIS!

January 16, 2018

2017 was a great year for Counties GIS. Not only are people accessing more public data than ever before, but they also have more ways to interact with that data, County officials have more tools that simplify their work, and every parcel is now digitized in Nebraska. We’d like to spotlight a few highlights from 2017. Here’s to a greater 2018!

Record County WebGIS Site Usage!

  • More than 2,700,000 Total Page Views in 2017! Page views increased 20% from 2016.
  • More than 11,400,000 individual Website Events in 2017! That’s 26% more Events in 2017 than in 2016 (events are the things visitors do on the site like performing a search or using one of the Tools).
  • On average, 75% of the visitors to our County WebGIS sites were returning users and 25% of the visitors were brand new.

Complete and accurate parcel coverage for all of Nebraska!

In 2017, GIS Workshop completed projects to digitize sections, parcels, and land-use data for Wheeler, McPherson, and Dundy Counties in Nebraska. That means that in 2018, Nebraska will have 100% of the parcels in the state digitized and every single county in the State will have a GIS system in place. This kind of coverage and accuracy really puts Nebraska on the map!

Enhancements for Other County Departments

The Assessor’s parcel data is just the starting place for other County Departments. GIS Workshop provides individual County Tabs for all County Departments to improve operational workflows, share information, and to analyze data relevant to their Department. In 2017, GIS Workshop enhanced many of the Departmental WebGIS sites including:

  • Personal Property Tax Payments are now available on the Treasurer WebGIS Tab for participating Treasurers.
  • Weeds Infestation Reporting Tool developed for Weeds Departments to input weed inspections and generate reports for the State of Nebraska directly through the Weeds WebGIS Tab.
  • Mobile Resource Management for Highway Departments to track and view county vehicle locations and actions.
  • Project Tool for Highway Departments to share project statuses and photos with the public.

These are a just a few ways GIS Workshop is working to serve our Clients and continually enhance our products and services. We are always striving to make our products, services, and processes the best they can be for our clients who depend on them.

We’ve got even more exciting enhancements planned for 2018! Stay tuned to learn more about some of the functionality we have planned for Assessors, Highway Departments, Planning and Zoning Officials, Weeds Departments, Treasurers, Emergency Managers, and more.