Employee Spotlight: SimpleApps Product Manager Terese Rowekamp

March 9, 2017

Terese Rowekamp has been a part of our Technician Team for just over a year. Terese lives in Bloomington, Minnesota and is a SimpleApps Product Manager. We asked Terese a few questions to get to know her:


What do you like about working at GIS Workshop?

I’m interested in working with people who are excited to work in the GIS field, are working with current/cutting-edge technology and are motivated to do well. This means working with co-workers who are half my age in some cases, and that also has a great appeal as it gives me the opportunity to learn new things and hear new ideas. I also feel that my many years in the field meant that I have something to contribute to a growing company as well.


What is the best part of your job?

Interaction with co-workers and customers. I love problem-solving, and I can do that while working with the GIS techs, talking over situations/concerns/ideas with peers, taking care of support tickets.


What’s the most interesting project you’ve ever worked on?

It was years ago, but it was a GIS project for a marketing company. They sent consumer surveys to hundreds of people, asking things like how many potato chips do you eat and what brand? do you go to church regularly? do you vote? do you smoke? what brand? etc. All kinds of different questions.


Then, based on the answers, each respondent was assigned an x,y,z coordinate where one axis indicated where the person fell between being very settled and very mobile. Another axis indicated opinionated vs open-minded. I don’t remember what the other was, but none of the 3 had anything to do with geography. Then, we used the x,y,z coordinates to create surfaces for types of products. The potato chip surface could be examined for peaks that would indicate the type of person who ate a lot of potato chips.  The details of the project are a little hazy, but I thought it was interesting to use GIS to create a surface of something that had absolutely nothing to do with geography and physical location.


A close second in interest is GameTracker – a GIS program we created for a well-known American company’s CEO. His family has a hunting lodge and wanted a way to use weather data, former hunting success data, and other factors to help determine areas with the best chance of hunting success for guests. It used ArcView and Info, and they loved it.


What might the average person not know about your job?

Most people do not expect a woman of my age to have a technology-related job.


What are some of your hobbies?

Sewing, making jam, reading, photography, and walking.


Who is one person in history you’d like to be?

A lady in King Arthur’s court.


Employees like Terese help GIS Workshop stay on the cutting edge of spatial technology. If you’d like to join our team, contact us at info@gisworkshop.com.