GIS Workshop Acquires Local Government Inventory Management Software Company, Rowekamp Associates

January 30, 2016

GIS Workshop is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Minnesota-based Rowekamp Associates, a GIS consulting company that provides proprietary inventory management software called SimpleApps to local government entities. “After 23 years of providing outstanding services to local governments, we are excited to join GIS Workshop to offer even better solutions to our clients,” Terese Rowekamp, former owner of Rowekamp Associates, said. Rowekamp Associates’ management and employees will join GIS Workshop’s staff and maintain their office in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The SimpleApps enable local government offices to inventory, track, and manage their assets such as road signs, trees, and culverts. “We’re excited to integrate SimpleApps into our solution because the combination of spatial and inventory awareness offers a powerful one-two punch in managing assets and risk,” GIS Workshop’s CEO, Joseph Heieck, said. “You can see the assets’ locations, track activities and maintenance, catalog reports in case of catastrophic loss, and take control of proactive, instead of reactive, asset management.”

The SimpleApps software is a natural extension to our existing product offering. While SimpleApps will still be available as a stand-alone desktop-based software, it will also be integrated into our County and City WebGIS. This will allow County and City Government to inventory and track their assets directly through the website and visualize these assets alongside all the other critical departmental layers and tools available on our WebGIS. Existing SimpleApps include SimpleSigns™, SimpleCulverts, and SimpleTrees. We will be expanding the suite of available SimpleApps in the near future.

GIS Workshop serves more than 300 local government clients throughout the Midwest and provides GIS solutions for web, mobile, and desktop environments. “GIS Workshop provides software tools that help county and city governments increase their efficiency and effectiveness in delivering services to the public and in managing asset risk,” Mr. Heieck said. GIS Workshop’s headquarters are in Lincoln, Nebraska.