GIS Services

We offer a wide variety of services to help our clients get to a better place.
Whether you need a custom developed GIS solution or one of our WebGIS solutions for local government, our team will ensure that you end up with a world-class GIS platform for viewing, analyzing, and interacting with your organization’s geographic information. We support these GIS solutions with a comprehensive offering of professional services to help you get the most from your GIS applications.

Below is a list of our services with brief descriptions. For more information or if you’re interested in working with us, please contact us directly. Some examples of many of these services are featured on our case studies page if you’d like to see them in action.


Hosted cloud-based solutions to improve operational workflow for local government.

County WebGIS

Our County WebGIS is a GIS-centric platform that provides counties with a central repository of data layers and tools used by all county departments to streamline business operations and provide citizens with greater government access.

Property ownership data provides the foundation for all other County Departments to access department-specific data in a spatial format.


Our SimpleCity provides Cities and Utility Departments with spatial Asset Management tools to actively manage and maintain critical city infrastructure.
Use the slider across the image for a before and after look at the impact of mapping city utilities.

"SimpleCity lets us move forward with new technology at pricing we could afford."

-Doug Wilson, Alma City Administrator

Custom Development

Custom spatial solutions using cutting edge technology created specifically to increase efficiency and improve access for both the public and private sectors.

Custom WebGIS Development and Hosting

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Mobile Application Development

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Professional Services

Everything you need to get the most from your GIS solution.

Data Production

GIS construction and layer creation based on paper maps, plats, surveys, deeds, CAMA integration, legal descriptions, and tax records.

Data Collection

Collection of spatial information from both the ground and the air. Solutions include GPS data collection using mapping grade Trimble units (4" accuracy with post-processing) and aerial oblique imagery.

Data Conversion

CAD to GIS data conversion, database migration.

Data Maintenance

100% support of GIS data, phone support for WebGIS and custom products, regular data integrity checks.



Esri ArcGIS Configuration and Extension

  • ArcGIS Desktop Extensions and Tools: Solutions include custom applications for your organization such as extensions to Esri ArcGIS
  • ArcGIS Online (AGOL) Configuration


Asset inventory management made easy.
SimpleApps is a suite of inventory management software for local government to inventory, track, view, and manage assets. SimpleApps allow our clients to better manage their investments by knowing exactly where and what state their assets are in so they can more efficiently manage the staff responsible for these assets. Knowing where your inventory is located along with a complete detail of the state of each asset means you can identify problem areas, quickly solve problems as they arise, and perform preventative maintenance.

We currently have the following SimpleApps available:


Current Version: 6.1


Current Version: 2.0


Current Version: 1.1

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