Introducing SimpleSigns 6.0

November 14, 2016

GISW is excited to announce the release of the latest version of SimpleSigns Asset Management Software. SimpleSigns 6.0 adds tools to increase productivity, to reduce time spent on managing the inventory of signs at the sign shop waiting to be used, and to better forecast future departmental needs.

SimpleSigns 6.0’s Shop Inventory allows you to track the current inventory of signs at the sign shop. First, you’ll enter the number of available signs at the shop. Then, as your sign tech installs or replaces a sign in the field and enters those actions as SimpleSigns activities, the Shop Inventory automatically records that sign removed from the shop and reduces the available sign count accordingly. Filters and Reports available in Shop Inventory allow you to easily examine when signs were purchased (added to shop inventory), when signs were used (removed from shop inventory), and the current number of available signs.

Other enhancements to SimpleSigns include:

  • SimpleActivityLoader and SimpleImporter are now part of the core SimpleSigns. Prior to the release of SimpleSigns 6.0, these were both extensions to SimpleSigns for an additional cost. If you previously purchased either of these extensions, you will see a reduction to your annual support fee the next time the support fee is due if you upgrade to 6.0.
  • New Cost fields allow you to track the cost of activities for reporting and planning purposes. Tracking asset and infrastructure costs is a requirement for many cities and counties and can be invaluable for risk management.
  • Reports now include cost data where appropriate.
  • RoweMap has also been upgraded to version 2.2. The latest version makes it easier to find a sign in SimpleSigns using the map to indicate the sign of interest. In addition,a user-requested enhancement now updates the map display automatically to keep your current location in view on the map when a GPS is connected and receiving a signal.

Call us today to upgrade to SimpleSigns 6.0 and take advantage of these latest enhancements.

Like all our SimpleApps, SimpleSigns now integrates seamlessly with our City WebGIS and County WebGIS sites that are designed specifically to meet the needs of Cities and Counties. All sign data collected will be accessible through these easy to use mapping interfaces online for authorized users. Contact us for more information on our SimpleCity Asset Management System and our Enterprise County WebGIS and learn how you can start benefiting today.