Marcia Marcia Marcia

September 1, 2016

GIS Workshop is expanding our data collection capabilities with the new Trimble MX7 Mobile Imaging System. The MX7 unit,
affectionately known in the GISW office as Marcia,  is a vehicle-mounted photogrammetric system that makes it easy to capture data rich imagery which we can use to locate and map your assets quickly and completely. The MX7 allows us to capture 360 degrees of imagery and vector data from the road. The data-rich imagery means we can extract mapping-grade location data for all your above-ground features, grab 3D measurements and height, and export that data to a GIS ready format. The end result is 30 megapixel panoramic geo-referenced imagery that supplements the locational collection so you know exactly where your features are and what condition they are in for more effective asset management. Once we hit the road and capture the imagery, we can extract data for all visible features without having to revisit the site.

The MX7 mobile imaging system is ideal for collecting data for public works and utilities. With accurate spatial locations and data rich imagery, you can manage assets such as buildings, bridges, roads, and city utilities. Once the data is collected and extracted, we can easily integrate the GIS data into our City WebGIS, the asset management system we have developed for small and medium sized municipalities in the Midwest.

Let’s face it – collecting data and cataloging your assets is time consuming, and getting it done accurately requires high tech gadgets. City officials and Public Works face the challenge of efficiently and effectively managing city assets with limited resources and data. With the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of the MX7, we make data collection easy. GIS Workshop can do all the legwork while our clients can reap the benefits such as increased quality control, more effective asset management, resource savings, and increased operational efficiency. Our City WebGIS makes the data accessible to city staff and improves operational planning, coordination, and execution with easily accessible information, maintenance workflow functionality, and analytics.

Having Marcia, our very own MX7 unit, rounds out GIS Workshop’s suite of data collection offerings. We offer a full range of data collection and GIS creation services to capture, collect, and catalog your spatial data accurately and efficiently.  We can capture data from the air, from the ground, and now the MX7 allows us to capture any visible features from the road, even at highway speeds. GIS Workshop has a solution to meet any data collection needs – whether you want to supplement an existing GIS by collecting GPS locations for a handful of individual features or you want to collect and catalog an entire city, we have you covered.