Mount Ayr’s Asset Management Journey

July 9, 2018

An article written by GIS Workshop CEO Joe Heieck is being featured in the July edition of Cityscape, the monthly magazine released by the Iowa League of Cities. The article describes the asset management journey of the town of Mount Ayr, Iowa and how using SimpleCity® has been a crucial piece. By implementing asset management in phases starting in 2016, Mount Ayr, a town of fewer than 2,000 people in southern Iowa, has already experienced numerous financial and operational benefits.

Among the first of these phases was to implement SimpleCity®, asset management software developed by GIS Workshop and designed to help cities view and manage their asset inventory through an easy-to-use website. GIS Workshop works hard to help cities navigate the world of Asset Management to the benefit and betterment of their communities. By using our services and simple software applications such as SimpleCity®, cities have the confidence in their work to be smarter and have stronger and more resilient communities that are around for decades to come. While implementing asset management can seem overwhelming, the benefits are considerable no matter how big or small the city. Mount Ayr’s approach of viewing asset management as a long-term investment and implementing small, executable phases is a great way to get started.

Cityscape is available online free of charge. Review the full publication online by clicking on the link below or click here to open the article and read more about Mount Ayr and their journey with asset management.

Link: Cityscape July Publication

Joe Heieck will also be presenting “Mount Ayr: An Asset Management Case Study” at the Iowa League of Cities 2018 Annual Conference. GIS Workshop is proud of the impact SimpleCity® has on communities throughout the Midwest and will continue to help cities just like Mount Ayr be successful.