SimpleCity® 4.0 Offers Additional Features and Benefits

May 16, 2018

GIS Workshop is pleased to announce the release of SimpleCity® 4.0 with a full suite of new and updated features to help cities update data, log activities, generate data-rich reports, and make informed decisions.

SimpleCity® is a web-based Asset Management System designed to help create smarter government and stronger communities. SimpleCity® helps government manage, track, and analyze infrastructure assets. The platform offers a single visual repository of a city’s assets so city officials can easily access the data. It also provides tools that allow city staff to be proactive about asset management, help mitigate risk exposure, and be responsive to it’s citizen’s needs.

The new 4.0 release contains new and improved features and benefits that make it easier than ever for cities, public works departments, utilities, and rural water associations to actively manage their assets and reap the benefits. Some of the new features include:

  • Asset Library. We provide a list of recommended Assets and associated details to collect to help cities make the most of their Asset Management System. The Asset Management System is only as good as its data, and we help cities ensure the data is as complete and thorough as possible. The Asset Library helps cities record and track the information critical to asset management including asset location, condition, model, and more so that information is available when and where you need it.
  • Activity Management Tool. The new and improved Activity Management Tool is designed for simple and efficient activity tracking. Users can create, log, and manage Activities for everything from citizen reports to scheduled inspections and emergency repairs. Through the Activity Management Tool, cities can schedule preventative maintenance to extend the life of Assets, review work as it’s being completed, and generate Quick Reports for quick insight into the data.
  • Report Builder. Report Builder is a dynamic query tool that allows users to drill down and get the most out of the data to improve decision making and planning. Create and save reports for any Assets or Activities for quick access. Need to see all water hydrants manufactured by Mueller that were installed before 1950 and in poor condition? This report can be pulled in seconds. Use these reports to analyze and to make informed decisions about operations, maintenance, and budgeting..
  • Administrative Interface. A robust Administrative Interface gives Admin users the power to configure the site to meet their needs. Admin users can manage users and associated permissions, update contact information, see site statistics, configure email options, and more.

Other available SimpleCity® features include the Editor Tool to edit Asset details and locations to increase data accuracy as well as the Multi-Media Tool to upload media such as documents, photos, and videos. All these features are available directly through the website with no additional software or licensing required.

For more information, please contact us directly by calling 402-436-2150 or emailing